Video Star : The Skim Force - 2014

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Blair Conklin 2016 Skim Tour World Champion

Footage of Blair Conklin at Balboa Pier in Newport Beach California wrapping up the United Skim Tour World Championship at Exile Oktoberfest. Tons of past champions made it out and Blair was still able to capture the win and finish up an amazing year  

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Steff Mags Skimboarder USA

Check out some awesome highlights from women’s professional skim boarding power house Steff Mags! 

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Revo Girls

litle movie made by Joao "d'Ovar" to Revolution Skimboards. team riders: Sofia Lopes, Maria "Pipa"

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Keiao Skimboarding Hawaii

Keiao Skimboarding Hawaii

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Jasmine Joy - Shut Up & Skim HD

Jasmine Joy 2010-2011 produced by K.Haiku. Filmed on the Island of Oahu.

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Zap Skimboards Presents Dave Armstrong

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Morgan Just Wedge Sessions

Morgan Just has been courting the Wedge for most of his life. A fickle beast, Morgan knows that one wrong move can take you down. Watch as he tries to tame the beast in a quick snapshot of his Wedge Sessions from earlier this year. Enjoy the ride!

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Lucas Fink Pro Skimboarding Mini Movie - Exile Skimboards

Straight from Brazil, our freshly turned professional skimboarder Lucas Fink is well on his way to becoming one of the top international traveling riders in the world! Watch this debut professional movie and see for yourself.   

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Paulo Prietto Professional Skimboarding Segment - Exile Skimboards

Paulo Prietto is one of the bigger names in skimboarding for many reasons, not the least of which is his sick skimboarding skills! Watch this video for proof! 

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Derek Shenton - Zap Skimboards

Derek Shenton skimboarding around his home town in Melbourne, FL. Derek's smooth buttery style is sure to please. 

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Tim Fulton Progression In Skimboarding - Exile Skimboards

Tim Fulton has developed a reputation for fast and innovative skimboarding. Take a look into his world!

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Skimboarding and Skateboarding DE | Amber Torrealba

Straight from California to the east coast of Delaware for skimboarding, skateboarding and the in-between madness. Subscribe to see my next adventure! 

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2015 Kiernan Swallowtail || Zap Skimboards

Ready to shred like the Womens Champ? Then this model is right for you. The uniform width makes it easy to maneuver on big and small waves while maintaining speed in smaller conditions and carving smoothly in bigger conditions. Its swallow tail shape provides great heel-toe weight transfer stability. This means there won’t be much speed lost when you are shifting your weight around the board. It is a great all around board with it’s own unique flavor from Casey!  

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Sam Stinnett - "Beast Mode" - Pro Skimboarding

Two-time World Champion of Skimboarding Sam Stinnett finally getting the online segment he deserves thanks to Freak Traction, Sector 9 Skateboards, Realm Shades and MOV.  

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Professional Skimboarder Ripping!! - Blair Conklin

Professional Skimboarder Blair Conklin ripping.

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#8 - Victoria Skimboards 2016

Another year with the Victoria Skimboards team featuring Jack Howie, Ryan Ward, Jared Green, Nathan Kravitz, Paddy Mack, Max Bourne, Beryl Besseau, Connor Brashier, Nathan Flanagin, Teddy Vlasis, Johnny Salta, and Brayan Lopez. Music: 'Deadbeat Summer' & 'Polish Girl' by Neon Indian Shot with Nikon D5300, Nikkor 18-140mm kit lens LUMIX GH4, Olympus 40-150mm f2.8

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Austin Keen Skimboating 2016

Got the chance to shoot with Austin Keen again this year. He freaking killed. Check out this new video of him skim boating on Lake Down in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Scott Byerly for the pulls and opportunity. A video directed by Steve Campbell Watch his vimeo channel :

2:30 7 22,908


Surfing with Horses! | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

We went SURFING behind HORSES and boats with one of the world's best SKIMBOARDERS! You can check out more awesome stunts here! Austin Keen is Skimboarding World Champion 2013, a bona fide Ambassador of Action Sports and Lifestyle! Follow him on his Socials! Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: The AMAZING Horses and Riders were provided by Rocky Mountain Outfitter. Find more information about them here: Want to be in our next video?!? Follow us on social media! Behind The Scenes: Music: “Hey Child” By Korbee  

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Batardubreak - Sununga Skim Festival 2016

First stage of the United Skim Tour 2016 at Sununga beach, BRAZIL.

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Crazy waves in Hawaii

Hawaii, where the waves are !

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Axel "Fullbit" Cristol

2012 skim video about Axel


Axel Cristol - Goodbye Wonderland

A video about Axel Cristol, shot in Cap Ferret in 2015 maked by Groovy Baby.

Base Jump


Our annual compilation of the web’s best viral videos of 2015! Huge thanks to everyone who shared their amazing videos this year and to Owl City & Aloe Blacc for the incredible track Verge! Thanks also to all of you for watching, commenting, liking and sharing our videos this year! Subscribe: Submit a Video: Facebook: Instagram: Vine: Music: Owl City - Verge ft. Aloe Blacc From the album Mobile Orchestra out now: Thanks to all the contributors for their amazing videos! Russian BASE Jump Swing Filmed by Nick Burden Jumper: Sean Chuma Weightlifter Holds Up 100lbs While Doing Chair Splits Faceteam invades Spain - FIBA Basketball World Cup Iberia Flyers Boracay Skimboarding - GoPro HD The Coke Opening Ping Pong Trick Shot | EditingSports GoPro: Gainer off Ponderosa Bridge Biggest bicycle jump into a lake Climbing the invisible spiral staircase  Erfolg kommt dann, wenn du tust, was du liebst Highest Flying Push-Up EPIC PARKOUR JUMP Blind Precision Jump High Five Patrick Laughlin pulls the first bike to bike transfer When Brazil meets US football Zoltan "The Magician" Torkos First Ever Darkslide Flip Surfing Kuperkeikka! Jeremiah Belledin BOSSIN Ollie Over 15 Decks Found This Wave in My Laptop - Body Boarder 360 Overshooting a massive kong? Parkour Ukemi Hippie jump in the event: Dance with me!  NDC Header Challenge Individual Cycle Sport Stacking World Record 5.000 (William Orrell) Acrobatic Surfers Perform Various Poses Riding Single Wave Michal Navratil - jumped from hotel roof in St. Maarten  Man Jumps Over Speeding Car Kong to underbar Front Flip of Flat Tallinn BASE boogie I am Jenin - Showreel 2012 - Softball player hits crazy home run Fear God Freestyle kayak loop  Arat, two year old gymnast Over your gym partner Skilz - Alex Ryan riding Belgian Steps at #CXNats Fifty cones in twelve seconds. FLYCAPTAIN | HOVERBOARD VAG KAV WHIP SLOW MOTION ACTION IMPOSSIBLE FRONT FLIPS OVER 10 PEOPLE!! - PirlasV Epic Gaza Parkour And Free Running Jet Ski Flips - Aleksandar Petrovic Dom Domari - Playing With Myself Surfing in the Ocean Triple kong vault outside Behind the back Ping Pong Shot! Tiny Home Adventure Backflip from swing onto bike Greek Calisthenics Movement Slackline Double Backflip

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