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Skier Øystein Bråten and Snowboarder Marcus Kleveland Swap Sports for a Day

X Games gold medallists Øystein Bråten (skier) and Marcus Kleveland (snowboarder) swapped sports for a day and hit the terrain park to test their skills at each others sports. To no surprise, casual 720s and backflips ensued...when you're good, your good. 

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winch park project

le dahu wake family avec le snowpark de valloire galibier on mis en place un snowpark en mode cablepark 

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Daily Journal 4 - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

It's happening! The Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017​ is confirmed for tomorrow Tuesday 21st! But wanna know what riders have been up to on down days? Pretty rad activities! Check this out and see you tomorrow at 9:45AM (AKDT)

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GoPro First Look - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

Such an impressive face with so many options 😮 Marion Haerty and Reine Barkered give you an inside view of "The Venue"! THE DREAM STOP is happening!

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Welcome Journal - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

After travelling for couple of days, we finally made it to Haines, Alaska!But as we are in a midst of a storm here, there is no competition on Saturday 18th. The Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017​ is ON HOLD. Next call tomorrow for a potential competition on Sunday 19th.

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Last Day of Winter in Laax, LearningByDoing, EP25

I spend closing day in Laax shooting in the Super Pipe with some buddies. Another great winter is coming to an end and its soon time to head off to Nautilus, my 36ft sail boat.

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Volcom Banked Slalom 2016, LearningByDoing, EP27

I drive to Kitzsteinhorn, Austria to shoot photos at the Volcom Banked Slalom. Its the last snowboard event of the 2016 winter and its a perfect way to finish off the season.

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Building a custom Snowboard (Learning By Doing) EP45

Welcome back to the first Learning By Doing video in 2017. I decided it was time to have my own custom designed snowboard made. I found and made it happen. Watch us put this together step by step.

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Photoshoot with Snowboarder Torgeir Bergrem (Learning By Doing) EP47

I spend a beautiful day in the mountains with pro snowboarders Torgeir Bergrem, Valerian Ducourtil and Olivier Gittler and get a smallish jump built. It is the first jump of winter so it didn't turn out perfect but I got some pictures and the boys had a lot of fun. 

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O'Neill x Jones: Walk For Powder

In March 2017, O’Neill took 10 winners from the O’Neill x Jones competition, Walk For Powder, on a backcountry trip of a lifetime. Their prize was to hike and ride Lake Tahoe with snowboard legend and O’Neill team rider Jeremy Jones and a crew of the most awesome backcountry guides in the United States.

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Hiking Lines in Arlberg, (Learning By Doing Ep 49)

Its been a pretty bad season so far in terms of powder riding. Too warm and no fresh snow. Local shredder Holzi finds the goods though and we enjoy a day of peace and quiet away from the crowds, good snow and some well earned turns. 

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Torgeir Bergrem, Day in the Life at Air & Style 2017 (Learning By Doing Ep 48)

I spent the day following Pro Snowboarder Torgeir Bergrem as he competed at one of the biggest events of the season, Air & Style Innsbruck. He qualified for the main event but couldn't quite put down his tricks, ending up 6th. His Mother and Brother were there to cheer him on. 

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Pétage De Cable Du Dimanche 6.6

Quelques images poudreuse tournée aux Saisies les 05 et 08 mars 2017. Musique : Oriental Cravings - Nomad (Feat Luna May)

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Amazing 6 year-old Snowboarder Nico Bondi (Learning By Doing Ep 52)

Nico Bondi is 6 and comes from Madonna de Campiglio in Italy. He snowboards, skates and surfs as often as possible and loves every second of it. The kid is a real ripper!Please visit: to see more work, and follow here:INSTAGRAM:

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Powder Surf Longboard

This is just a first impression of the first powder surf longboard ever! I custom ordered this board (2,39 m length) from Pogo Snowboards ( Shaper: Ben Dietermann rider: Danny Strasser snowboard: Pogo Powder Surf Longboard (prototype), 239 cm ( video production, camera & edit: Danny Strasser music: Mindplug - Take It Slow

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Electric Skateboard

Surfwheel R1 & SU

Au croisement du skateboard et de la gyroroue, une liberté et une simplicité inédites, le Surfwheel est un tout nouveau concept d’engin de déplacement qui vous offrira une sensation de glisse unique. Un design simple : une planche, une roue centrale… et surtout pas de télécommande ! Au croisement entre le skateboard, le snowboard et le surf, voici LA révolution dans le monde du skate et du skate électrique. Avec sa roue gyroscopique réagissant à votre inclinaison, vous êtes capable de vous déplacer et d’effectuer les manœuvres que vous dicte votre imagination. Plus d'infos auprès d'Eco-Riders, importateur et distributeur exclusif Europe

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Teaser - Haines Alaska FWT17 - Swatch Freeride World Tour 2017

Alaskan spines are just around the corner!Only few days to go to THE DREAM STOP Swatch Freeride World Tour | Haines Alaska 2017 ➡ March 18-25th 😎

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Generations Of Quiksilver

Since 1969, Quiksilver has been blazing the trail for an entire culture and the industry that it spawned. We're founded on a shared passion for living in the moment and using that passion to awaken the spirit of adventure that rests in all of us. It's the spirit that defines eras, discovers waves, invents styles, throws parties, wins World Titles and more. It's been there since the very beginning, and keeps us pushing towards tomorrow. Because at the core of it all, it hasn't changed. Generations of Quiksilver celebrates that by sharing the stories that shaped our brand’s past, present and future. It’s not a history lesson. It’s not a message to the misguided youth. It’s not a back in my day. It’s about the feeling of now. #GenerationsOfQuik ------------------------- Depuis 1969, Quiksilver ouvre la voie à toute une culture et à l’industrie qui en découle. Nous nous sommes construits sur la passion commune de vivre l’instant présent et l’envie d’éveiller l’esprit d’aventure qui sommeille en chacun de nous. C’est cet état d’esprit qui nous permet de créer l’histoire, de découvrir des vagues, d’inventer les styles, d’organiser des fêtes, et de remporter des titres mondiaux... Il nous anime depuis le début et continue de nous inspirer en nous poussant à aller plus loin chaque jour. Parce qu’au fond il est toujours là, intact. Generations of Quiksilver célèbre cet état d’esprit en partageant les histoires qui ont façonné le passé, le présent et le futur de notre marque. Ce n’est pas une leçon d’histoire ni un message pour des jeunes sans repères. Ce n’est pas un retour en arrière. C’est ce que l’on ressent au moment présent. #GenerationsOfQuik  

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That's It That's All - Travis Rice (HD) / Snowboarding

That's It, That's All. is a mega-budget movie that showcases Travis Rice, one of the best all-around riders in the world and a look at snowboarding through his adventures. It's packed with a dream team lineup, never before seen tricks, a heavy duty soundtrack, an inside look at snowboarding, and visuals taken to the next level. This is snowboarding meets Planet Earth hi definition with hands down the best cinematography the snowboard industry will have ever seen. Add to that, a look at snowboarding with more inside story than the typical music video style movies we have seen so many times. And the gasoline on the fire...the generous marketing support from Red Bull and Quiksilver and a Limited Theatrical Release in 10 markets will definitely have this movie on the front of everyone's mind. It is definitely the biggest movie to come from snowboarding that will appeal to core boarders and casual snow goers alike.

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[Freebord] Pierre Linckenheld 2016 Highlights

"The years pass but the mission is the same :Snowboarding the steepest streets to the 4 corners of the world."Enjoy watching the best of my 2016 Freebord season.Filming Location: San Francisco / USAVaud & Valais / SwitzerlandFollow me: provided by Arnaud Blin, Entitlement Urethane, Seb Jam, Caleb Casey, UpZ'Air Aerial, Jordi Puig RibasEdited by Sebastien Jam

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Sliding Fire

Freeriders Sam Smoothy, Victor De Le Rue & Xavier de le Rue take snowsports to new terrain in the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. Negotiating molten rock and dirt storms, active volcano Mount Yasur was home to their latest skiing adventure.

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Best Of - FJWC17 Grandvalira

The Freeride Junior World Championships - Grandvalira Andorra 2017 gathered the world's best freeriders of young age in Grandvalira! Witness spectacular airs and finest riding of yesterday’s comp. Check out the Best Of edit with the highlights of the day!

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Adrénaline - Tous sports : Test it épisode 1, Ludovic Guillot-Diat a littéralement sauté dans le vide à Chamonix

La nouvelle websérie «Test it» démarre ce vendredi avec le premier épisode. Le snowboardeur français Ludovic Guillot-Diat a rencontré l'équipe de Pyrénaline, à Chamonix, et a réalisé une première mondiale en sautant en "rope jump" avec un snowboard aux pieds

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Eli Bouchard, 9 ans

Eli parle de sa saison 2016-2017

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