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FIL Natural Track Luge – World Championships 2017 in Vatra Dornei (ROM) - Trailer

Suspense, high speed, and winter sport in a classical style that’s Natural track luge. Unlike artificial luge tracks, natural tracks are adapted from existing mountain roads and paths. Artificially banked curves are not permitted. The track’s surface must be horizontal. As the use of artificial refrigeration is forbidden, they are naturally iced. Natural track luge requires a completely different technique than on an artificial track. At the start, the athletes gain momentum by “paddling”, dragging their hands on the ice to move forward. In order to drive around the tight flat corners, athletes use a steering rein, drag their hands and use their legs. Braking is often required in front of curves and is accomplished by the use of spikes built on the bottom of the shoes. At the finish line, hundredths of a second decide over victory or defeat. The field boasts the world’s leading natural track lugers, including reigning World Champion and multiple overall world cup winner in singles and doubles, Patrick Pigneter (ITA) and the reigning European champion Thomas Kammerlander (AUT) as well. At the Women’s, reigning European and World champion Evelin Lanthaler (ITA) and overall world cup winner in singles, Jekaterina Lavrentyeva (RUS), are the favourites.

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Shake the Lake Shitty Cellphone Edit

Just some shitty cellphone clips of an average day of riding on the Shake the Lake weekend at Lake Louise.

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Crazy snowscoot downhill!

Nice carves and jumps with a snowscoot.

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SNOWSCOOT | BENJAMIN FRIANT °Micro Xtreme Snowscoot Video 2013°

Like My Facebook Page - Follow Me On Instagram - @benjfriantofficial After 2 years, I'm back on my snowscoot. Not a lot of new tricks but at least I got all my tricks back.

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SNOWSCOOT 2014 | BENJAMIN FRIANT °Micro Black Ice° Promo

The first snowpark scooter is finally out. It was really hard for me to find cameramen last season and we had almost no snow at all for the snowparks. That's why I don't have a lot of clips. Thanks to all my sponsors ! I hope you'll enjoy it anyway

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SNOWMAN - Official Trailer

From childhood, Kevin Fogolin dreamed of living and working in the mountains. After breaking the shackles of small-town expectations, his dream comes crashing down in a helicopter avalanche bombing mission gone horribly wrong. In the aftermath, Kevin and his childhood friend, freeskiing icon Mike Douglas, are forced to confront the risks and rewards of following their passion for the mountains. Set in British Columbia’s rugged Coast Mountain Range, SNOWMAN is a familiar tale of dreaming big and a life where the greatest risk is not daring to dream at all.

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Freegun Snowscoot Tour - 2014 World Finals

The best Snowscoot riders from all over the world were in Châtel (France) for the Snow Scoot World Finals on March 21-23, 2014. In partnership with AF2S, Antoni Viloni, Freegun sponsored rider, was in attendance to give his best. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. ____ Follow Freegun! Instagram: @Freegun Twitter: Facebook: Video by LifeStyle Prod Achat Painkiller (Google Play • iTunes • eMusic) Catégorie Divertissement Licence Licence YouTube standard

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Best Of The Week #42: Kitesurf, Snowboard, Snowscoot, Windsurf, Parapente, Longboard, Ski, Crazy

Watch this "best of the week" video edited by Riders Match in partnership with Yahoo! Sports, featuring the best action sports footage published from January 8 to 15 2014. Kitesurf, Snowboard, Snowscoot, Windsurf, Parapente, Longboard, Ski, Crazy

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Best Of The Week #40: Ski, BMX, Kart, Scoot, Surf, Longboard, FMX

Watch this "best of the week" video edited by Riders Match in partnership with Yahoo! Sports, featuring the best action sports footage published from December 25 2013 to January 1 2014. Ski, BMX, Kart, Scoot, Surf, Longboard, FMX

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Riders Match Hiver 2010 : snowscoot

SNOWSCOOT (PUIDOUX, Suisse). Push the limits of snowscoot riding!

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SNOWSCOOT - Carving 2012 - Mont-Orignal, Québec

Alain Clément carving on the CXXXtreme PREDATOR. Place: Mont-Orignal, Québec, CANADA.

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Ignition : Snowscoot riders - Snowscoot video - Crew Contest 2012

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Very nice edit from Jykk for the 2014 French Snowscoot Cup

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Snowscoot it by UR Team

You might have heard or you might have even tried a Blackmountain snowscoot before but « SNOWSCOOT IT » is about to make you want to try or try again and go on the hunt for fresh powder, or look for some nice wood sections or snowpark action.

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Amazing snowscoot edit @ Châtel

Very nice edit from Lines Up Production for the 2014 snowscoot world cup @ Châtel

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