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20 miles lieues sous Ré

Pêche en apnée autour de l'Île de ré à la recherche de la légendaire cité d'Antioche...

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Chasse sous-marine avec les nomades des mers Badjaos - Thalassa

Baisaran et son fils Kolnirdati font partie du dernier peuple nomade des mers, les Badjaos Laut. Ils se déplacent au rythme des vents et des courants de la Mer des Célèbes, entre Indonésie et Philippines, avec leurs embarcations de fortune pour seul abri. S’il y a un peuple capable de déjouer en apparence les changements climatiques, c’est bien les Badjaus. Pourtant, leur monde se dérègle, inexorablement. http://www.france3.fr/emissions/thala...

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Olivier Marticorena chasse sous-marine au Pays Basque

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Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

Kerry Daniel was spearfishing with friends off the coast of north Queensland, Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef when he suddenly found himself face-to-face with an attacking bull shark. Daniel explained to Daily Mail Australia that he had swum away from the others and had seen the bull shark swimming around below him about 55 yards away. He attempted to swim away from it, but then it turned and started charging toward him. The diver captured the scary encounter on video and shared it on his YouTube Channel called Liquid Vision Full interveiw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXAfo...

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RACCONTO: Civitavecchia, primi di Maggio del 2014. L'acqua sul fondo è torbida e dopo 3 ore di pesca non ho ancora visto niente di interessante. Qualcosa sta cambiando perché una corrente sul fondale porta acqua migliore e inizio a vedere sempre più pesce. Con il mio fidato SK 40 ho realizzato queste tre catture in pochi minuti. Sembrava una giornata storta, ma alla fine è andata benissimo. ISCRIVITI AL CANALE SE VUOI RICEVERE SUBITO I PROSSIMI AGGIORNAMENTI.

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Marco Gaggini - Orata all'agguato | Team Omer Sporasub

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The Waterman - Mark Healey #FreeToMove

Awesome movie about Mark Healey featuring the relationship between free-diving (spearfishing) and surf "I don’t understand how you can spend hundreds of hours on a surfboard, looking out, not wondering whats’s under there, what’s over the horizon, why does this work that way?"  

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Comment attraper des gros Homards dans 2M d'eau | Chasse sous marine été 2016

Une sortie consacré aux homards, 5 captures dont deux en vidéo par petit fond, 2 à 3 mètres. Quand un homard vous fait face les pinces en avant, on utilise la technique de la flèche, le but consiste à rentrer la flèche délicatement dans le trou du homard afin de toucher sa queue. Ce dernier croit alors qu'un danger se trouve derrière lui et se retourne, il ne reste plus qu'a le saisir avec vivacité par le céphalothorax ( entre les yeux et la queue) // Grillé au barbecue avec beurre et huile d'olive, une bonne soirée d'été entre potes s'annonce... Big lobster

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Corsica 2016 : sea, sun and fun

A quoi ressemble des vacances en Corse ? A ça !!! La folie, le paradis, le soleil et bien plus encore... Kite, chill, plage, masque et tuba, planche à voile, boîte, bateau, saut de plongeoir au programme ! Do you want to know what the corsican holidays look like ? This that !! Madness, paradise, sun and much more ... Kitesurf, chill, beach, snorkeling, windsurf, parties, boat, cliff diving and moor ;) Song : Le Boeuf x Noah Guthrie - Sexy And I Know It Drake - One Dance (Kiso ft. Kayla Diamond Remix) Filmé en gopro hero silver 4 Edité avec fcpx

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SPEARFISHING GAME 2016, (juego pesca submarina)

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Top 10 n°36 - He's snowboarding in the clouds !

#1 – SNOWBOARDING IN THE CLOUDS #2 – RED RUN / THE ABANDONED SKI VILLAGE #3 – Sunland  #4 – Farthest journey by hoverboard – Guinness World Records  #5 – The renovation 2015 / Full Recap  #6 – Too close for comfort / Wingsuit Project  #7 – WildFox || Spearfishing Aotearoa  #8 – Russell Day  #9 – International kitefoil Silver Cup 2015  #10 – East Coast Ombak Besar  

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WSB - Spearfishing White Sea Bass

Check out http://www.bluetunaspearfishing.com I enjoy every minute of the summer, knowing the winter is around the corner and the big White Sea Bass will quickly disappear. Come with me to quietly cruise the kelp to see what we can find. Watch a variety of shots on WSB - surface shots, using a reel with personal float & espetto shots.

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Hannibal "Spearfishing Panama"

Deserted Islands. Monster Yellow fin Tuna . The Hannibal Bank. ...Perfection. After weeks of filming out on the bank and breaking pretty much every piece of equipment. Freediver's/spear-fishermen and cinematographer alike explore a world beyond the expected.  spearfishingpanama.com Special thanks to our awesome guide Peter Correale for keeping us on the fish every-day and to Robert Harding for some killer POV Tuna shots! From Lastbreathfilm.com, makers of Palapas Ventana "Best Of Baja + Aotearoa "Newzealand an Underwater Experience" Presented By LBF Directed by Perrin James Music by The Glitch Mob and Alert312 . Media and Film Festival Inquiries Perrin James- Perrinjamesfilm@gmail.com lastbreathfilm.com Lire la suite…  

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NEW WORLD RECORD! Spearfishing Striped Marlin

Video of Nat's battle with his Striped Marlin, over 300NM from the nearest land. Some great perspective with Nat's head-cam footage and my external footage... once I could keep up with him. Nat has been awared the IUSA open World Record for striped marlin at 137.8KG! The fish was smoked and shared, it provided meals for a lot of people. Soundtrack: No Way by The Naked And Famous

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2014 US Spearfishing Nationals, Hawaii, Kona

Just some footages about my trip to Hawaii.

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Top Shot Spearfishing

Top Shot Spearfishing, located on Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii, offers unforgettable spearfishing adventures. Our professional guides provide spearfishing lessons that include safety for underwater hunting, speargun control, freediving form, breathing techniques, and fish identification. Top Shot additionally teaches the essentials of sustainable spearing and how to spot and remove species that are invasive to Hawaii’s reef ecosystems. We are confident that your adventure with Top Shot Spearfishing will be the experience of a lifetime! TopShotSpearfishing.com Presented By LBF Directed by Perrin James lastbreathfilm.com Phantom Shots Byron Garth - Slow Motion Films  slowmotionfilms.com Music by Beyond The Veil - Lindsey Stirling alt-J - Left Hand Free Presented By LBF Directed by Perrin James Media and Film Festival Inquiries Perrin James- Perrinjamesfilm@gmail.com lastbreathfilm.com

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Spearfishing Wahoo with Sharks, lots of Sharks

Epic set of bluewater trips and plenty of wahoo shot. Kimi Werner shot a pending world record on this trip. All wahoo were at least 45 pounds, the largest of which were close to 100.

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Dream spearfishing

Coral sea spearfishing in New Caledonia , Thank you every body to watch this ! Like and Share !

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Spearfishing Halibut in Norway

We all have that one place we always come back to when hunting for the species we like the most, this is a few of my favourite places carefully shown underwater, depths between 5 and 20 meters.. In my 20 years of hunting with a speargun, those places are without a doubt the foundation of my best memories. Hopefully there will be a lot more to come. Many spearos dream about shooting a huge bluefin tuna, my dreams are focused on the halibuts. This fish deserves the uttermost respect from any fisherman, their strengt are far beyond any other fishes in the north atlantic and the taste of the meat is simply fantastic, Hopefully both spearos and fishermen will have the pleasure of catching the atlantic halibut for many years to come. Remember that the minimum legal size in Norway is 80 cm, which will be an average of 7 kg.

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Spearfishing Movie - One Fish Legends

Onefish Legends: 4 Continents, 4 Legends, their stories and secrets revealed and 2 hours of amazing non stop Spearfishing action. One Fish Legends is a Spearfishing adventure like no other, the film follows 4 Spearfishing giants that have played a significant role in shaping the sport of breath hold Spearfishing as we know it today. Join Dr Terry Maas (USA), Barry Paxman (Australia), Rob Allen (South Africa) and Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari (Qatar). As they take you on a personal journey of discovery into their world of Spearfishing. Find out why they are so passionate about the sport and why they have devoted their lives to shaping spearfishing as we know it today. To watch 30min's of Legends online now: https://vimeo.com/inthezone/vod_pages A film by: Richard Leonard

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Blue Water Spearfishing Pesca Sub, com Diego Santiago

Collection of some scenes in blue. Hope you enjoy! Diego Santiago is Tetra Brazilian champion and teaches courses of Underwater Fishing .

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Trip on sailboat, Swell, for a surfing and spearfishing trip in the warm waters of French Polynesia.

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Beuchat vous présente aujourd'hui le 2eme épisode d'une série de 5 vidéos !  Vidéos dans lesquelles vous pourrez voir à l'œuvre au large de Bali  notamment le triple champion du Monde de chasse sous-marine et actuel capitaine de la Beuchat Team Pedro Carbonell ainsi que le nouveau Marlin Carbone Revo-Concept !

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Today , Beuchat present you the 3rd episode of a serie of 5 videos ! Video in which you can see in action off Bali notably the three times world champion of spearfishing and current captain of Beuchat Team Pedro Carbonell thereby the new Marlin Carbone Revo-Concept !   

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