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TMS - Portes ouvertes

Le 8 et 9 avril c'était les portes ouvertes de Tim Moto Sport Dole. Au programme: stunt, cracheurs de feu, échasses, concerts, buvettes, bons de réduction au magasin... . Le résumé en image est assuré par nos soins ;)

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The Raw Sounds of Street Riding w/ Aaron Colton at Donner Pass | Sound of Sport

What does a streetbike truly sound like? Well, grab your headphones and crank the volume! Watch and listen as Aaron Colton takes you on an unprecedented ride into the most intimate details of his sport's sound.  Sound of Sport is a series partnered with DTS Audio using top-tier sound technology to bring viewers into the world of sport in a way never before seen (or heard). The first installment of the series takes us to Donner Pass with motorcycle stunt ace, Aaron Colton.

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Jorian Ponomareff : Ride your passion - Motorcycle Stunts

Jorian Ponomareff epic motorcycle stunts video : Ride Your Passion ! 

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Extreme Motorcycle Drifting On Ice - Jorian Ponomareff

Extreme motorcycle drifting & gymkhana on ice by Jorian Ponomareff in Sweden !

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Stunt Riding Life Motorbike - World Training - Jorian Ponomareff

Motorcycle stunts and crazy bike wheelies by Jorian Ponomareff !

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Drifting Motorbike - Drift Gymkhana - Jorian Ponomareff

Spectacular Motorbike Drift & Gymkhana with sexy lady by Jorian Ponomareff !

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AJ Stuntz - The 6-Year-Old Stunt Rider

Aj Stuntz (Aj Heinicke) is a young, up and coming professional stunt rider out of San Mateo, CA. Take a look into Aj's story of how he got started riding and the relationship he built with professional stunt rider and mentor Jason Pullen, who then took Aj's stunt riding to the next level! Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from Get stoked and subscribe: To license clips from this video go to  Music Niteppl "Meat Grinder" Dolor "City Kills Bad Luck II" Lorn "Battys Theme" Blue Sky Black Death "Brave Hearts" For more from GoPro, follow us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: Pinterest:  Vine:

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Motorcycle Gymkhana Romain Jeandrot : The Drift Rampage

- The Drift Rampage - Motorcycle Gymkhana Parkour Romain Jeandrot Rider : Director :

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SFT Meihemit 2015

Kiitos kaikille kuskeille!! Ensvuonna 7.5.2016 uusiks!! Oli sika hauska päivä! :)

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Beyond the bridge - Sarah Lezito

Le stunt comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu grâce à Sarah Lezito et Tournée sur Avignon et ses environs, Beyond the Bridge vous permet de découvrir cette discipline sportive avec des prises de vue inédites. Stunteuse : Sarah LEZITO Skate : Nicolas Fernandez BMX : Julien Sciacca Grapheurs : Color Fighter Musique :  "Take Me Down" by Fade ASM  (A State of Mind / Jukebox Champions) Cadrage et moyens techniques : Condor vision production Réalisation et production : La Bécanerie

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Motorcycle Surfing at 50 MPH+ (4K)

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Stunt Rider CRASHES Highchair Wheelie

Meanwhile on a Las Vegas highway... Stunt rider loses control and crashes while performing a highchair wheelie for the homies

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TOP 10 n°33 : Biggest paddle-in wave ever !

Here is the ranking of all the videos of the TOP n°33 : 1/ Jon ASPURU - Mark Healey // Puerto escondido 2015 2/ OWEN MILNE- Thug Lyfe with Tane Bowden 3/ Prime & Fire Selects - The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer 4/ DEVIN SUPERTRAMP -  World's Most Epic Natural Waterslide! In 4K! 5/ Original Skateboards - Keep Exploring with Aleix and the Vecter 37 6/ THE NORTH SHORE COLLECTIVE - Brad Domke and the rides of his life // XXL Ride of the Year Nominee 7/ MOTOSPORT - James Stewart - JS7th Wonder Of The World 8/ Jesper Tjäder - One Day in Laax 9- Horue movie - I believe I can Fly 2 (The best of hydrofoil compilation) 10/ RAPHAËL GILLES - Motorcycle Stunt Riding & Drifting Contest - SBI 2015 (Official Video)

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Motorcycle Stunt Riding & Drifting Contest - SBI 2015 (Official Video)

Full video of the SBI 2015 : Motorcycle Stunt Riding & Drifting contest!Thanks to Thieuma & Louping for their hospitality!CLICK TO SHARE : of the event : PRODUCTION :

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Whelling with an Harley

The Unknown Industries Bagger hitting the streets of Southern California with all GoPro Hero 4 Filming. 

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Base Jump

TOP 10 n°31 : Don't watch this video if you have vertigo!

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°31 : 1/ EPIC TV - Base Jumping From The World's Highest Climbing Wall  2/ JOI 2015: SATURDAY FINALS | Jon Olsson | Videoblog 2015 | No. 22 - Ski 3/ GEORDIE TARREN - Freesurf session of Kelly Slater - Surf 4/ RED BULL - Billy Morgan // World First Backside Quadruple Cork - Snowboard 5/ RED BULL - Skateboarding in Madagascar - Skate 6/ RED BULL - Stunt Riding and F1 Donuts in India - Stunt/Drift 7/ Woodward Tahoe - Cody LaPlante // On The Come Up - Ski 8/ Ride SÖK - Valentin Teillet // Scrub & Whip in moto - Moto Cross 9/ SALZIG Sporthocker - Madrid Hock Europe - Dance 10/ HORUE MOVIE - Take off and fly high - Foil/Sailing

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Red Bull Show Run 2015 Austria - Vienna

Daniel Ricciardo stars during the Red Bull Show Run 2015 in Vienna, Austria on April 22nd, 2015.

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Jonas Hendriksson, known as Lazy Jo, is stunter since 20 years. Today, he climbs on his moto to ride the Wall of Death!

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Motorcycle Stunts For The Easter Bunny

Florian Caraminot is transformed into rabbit to celebrate Easter and offers us tricks incredible with his motorcycle

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Crazy stunt session on a parking

Big tricks on a parking with many good riders!  

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GOPRO: MATT MINGAY - flames and rides

Matt Mingay trickin' on his Harley

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GoPro: Street Showdown

The Stunt Freaks team plays a little "catch me if you can" as they race around the track and let the rubber burn!

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4X4 Polaris RZR VS moto Suzuki GXS-R on ice

Polaris RZR and Suzuki GSX-R having fun in the frozen lake! A video from StuntFreaksTeam  

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Top 10 n°13: Santa Claus is going crazy !

Enjoy our new Top 10! 1/ Le père Noel Craque son slip   2/ Nazare, Benjamin Sanchis Wipe-out, biggest wave ever surfed 3/ Speedflying Through Buildings - GoPro 4/ Congrats 6X World Champion Surfer Stephanie Gilmore! - Roxy 5/ Worlds Best Trampoline Tricks! in 4k! Eurotramp - Devin Supertramp 6/ Snowboarding For Me – Revelstoke - Oakley 7/ BLACKLINER @ Fise Grenoble 2015! - Blackliner 8/ Skiing the Austrian Alps - GoPro 9/ Get on board with Flyboard Melbourne! - GoFlyboard 10/ Local Skate Contest - Iphone6

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