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Caribbean vibes

"Follow the Maud" in the Caribbean for the 1 st Episode of 2017 :)  Hope you will enjoy the caribbean vibes ;)  For more episodes :  

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Lava love - Benjamin Sanchis

Benjamin Sanchis and friends island hopped around mid atlantic ocean last winter to surf some of the best slabs Macronesia has to offer. Music: fat white family - satisfied Directed by Michael darrigade

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Erwan Blouin surf Someday

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The latest footage of Maui aerialist Matt Meola.  Music : Lily Meola, Nils Rosenblad, Erik Helmkamp Editing : Elliot Leboe / ACL Productions / @acl_cinema Footage : John Spencer and Elliot Leboe  Aloha & Enjoy!

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Surfing El Salvador w/ Giorgio Gomez

Giorgio has one of the most laid back surfing styles and personalities and how he rides really reflects him. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and combines alot of steez and power in the water for a show that you dont want to miss. Check out his edit to Central America earlier this year and dont forget to comment, like and subscribe for more! 

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Tom King scores Epic Elands Bay - x5 hours x5 boards into 3 minutes highlights

Ride 'em All. Tom King scores a full day of surfing at South Africa's West coast left-hander - Elands Bay. Testing out 5 Signature funboards in one day. Signature Models: NED Carbon 6ft, Des Sawyer 7ft, Bill Foote 8ft, Stubbs Brushed Carbon 9'1 and Ivan 9'3. -Music by: Bag of Toys "Morning glow"

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Eternity featuring Courtney Conlogue - Part One: Gold Coast

Eternity is the first part of a film series showcasing the pilgrimage on the road during the competitive year for professional surfer Courtney Conlogue. We begin with the pre-season on the Gold Coast of Australia. As she most recently received a bell-ringing victory at Bells Beach for the second year in a row, it is a promising road ahead for the fierce competitor. With each win or loss of the season, a new lesson is learned and perspective gained - yet, she continues to paddle harder, surf larger and smile bigger.

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Gaia-Creators ∞ The begining.

Gaia Creators design fine Surfboards & Watersport equipment Made in Europa. Facing the elements by your side with durability & performance as #Breakthecode



Thomas Paris at home.

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Les Petites Joueuses Beachwear - Hossegor

Short introduction clip for "Les Petites Joueuses"a beach wear brand made in Hossegor.

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Asylum - Hossegor Tattoo Convention

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Moto Cross

Brainwashing Party at Savage - La Récréation

BrainWashing Party full recap! Ca s'est passé dernièrement chez Savage - la récréation -, Apéro détente avec la bière homemade Rosny Beer, le tatoo artiste Avius Animus et The Asylum Tattoo Shop, qui étaient sur place pour quelques séances d'encre. Pour les affamés la régalade se faisait au food truck Le Spot Beach Food et le tout enchainait sur la fermeture du hangar à minuit, avec une forte augmentation du volume sonore et l'arrivée de Scrvtchy et du music/video band CONTREFAÇON.  Grosse performance des artistes, délire assuré et bonne ambiance! Contactez les pour connaitre les dates de la prochaine édition.

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Alive 2.0 - Full Movie -

After a little delay and live from the Fise Montpellier we are glad to present you the brand new opus of our "Surfing Elements" project:ALIVE 2.0 Teiva Outters Thomas ParisA project directed by: Thomas ParisFilmed by: Gwena He Photography Thomas Paris Marvin Saint-Réquier Nicolas Paris Nico BezierEdited by: Thomas ParisWith the recent troubles the world is going thrue, we wish to deliver the most positive and caring message to the world.We're passionate about nature's beauty and we feel like true happiness isn't a destination but rather a path to follow and a travel to enjoy.So wherever you are sit back, relax, (put sound & HD on) and enjoy what we’ve been up to for our leisures this winter.And don’t forget to live the most out of everyday, make the right choices for your life and enjoy nature and people around you, just to make sure to stay fully ALIVE émoticône winkWe wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION ION France Adi Kites ADIkites France RECKLESS.WAKE RECKLESS.WAKE France Surf Odyssey EQ Love WAPH Shinnworld Shinn kiteboarding

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Alive 2.0 (teaser)

Alive 2.0 Coming


Goizeko Izarra - Surf House Hossegor

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Maxime Badets - Shaper at SOCATOA Surfboards

Maxime Badets is a 17 year old boy from the South West of France.  He shapes surfboards and just launched his surfboard label: Socatoa Surfboards. Follow him to learn more about his work @socatoa_surfboards

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The Kev’ - Living like a hobo

"The man who owns nothing is richest man."M83 tune remake clip played by Kevin Colombano.Story adaptation by: Nicolas ParisFilming: Nicolas ParisEditing: Nicolas Paris & Thomas

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ALIVE - Full Movie

Here we are 15th of november, so like we promised you're free to enjoy our new full movie ALIVE!!With the recent terror events happening in France, we wish to deliver the most positive and loving message to the world.So as a reminder to all unfavorable forces, WE are a strong nation, with immense ressources and as long as a french soul will still breath their will be HOPE. So live the most out of everyday, make the right choices in your life and always enjoy the people and nature that surrounds you to stay fully ALIVE.We wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION.This movie was mostly shot on 5D MKIII in the South West of France and a bit of Spain. The movie features the riding of Teiva Outters, Thomas Paris & Colas Delebarre and many friends met along the road.This movie was shot and edited by: Thomas Paris - Gwena He - Teiva OuttersAnimation effects by: Nicolas ParisTracks: Kelpe - WhirlwoundHanni El Khatib - You Rascal YouTommy James & The Shondells - I'm AliveA LightBros Productions

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ALIVE (teaser)

Here we are the high quality Teaser of our new movie ALIVE is out !! Let us introduce you to something new which is not a surf movie, neither a wakeboarding or kiteboarding clip. This movie is about enjoying the waterlife, cruising across the country, ripping conditions of the day and mastering boardsports no matter where you go. Alive is just about being Alive. We could never been able to do such work without the help of our sponsors and friends so we want to thank the best water brand ever ION. Then we have to thank Exo Loisirs, TN64 Sames, Method & Concept Winch for pullin us, North Kiteboarding for allowing us to fly. All our friends involved in many different ways, into making this video happen.

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Freeze Motion

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Handisurf at Hossegor Surf Club

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Tom Parrish - A Shaping Documentary

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Shortcut 0.4

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Shortcut 0.3

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