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Clement Nadal - It’s all about having fun

Pour Clément Nadal, le wake, c'est 100% pour le plaisir. Ne lui parlez pas de compétitions, lui, ce qu'il kiff, c'est le fun et le plaisir de rider. Du coup, dans ses vidéos, cela se ressent ! Une vidéo signée Benjamin Swiston qui fait du bien aux yeux !

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FISE World Series 2017

FISE turns 20! 2017 brings the 20th anniversary of the FISE World Series. The biggest action sports festival in the world is set to get even bigger. Expect all the best athletes from BMX, MTB, Skate, Roller, Scooter and Wakeboard battling it out to be FISE World Series 2017 Champion at four international stops. FISE World Series 2017 stops: Montpellier, France (24-28 May)  Budapest, Hungary (16-19 August)  Edmonton, Canada (15-17 September)  Chengdu, China (3-5 November) Find out more at www.fise.fr Connect with us on social: Facebook | fise.officiel Instagram | @fiseworld Twitter | @fiseworld Snapchat | @fiseworldseries #FISE20

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French Waterman

Installez vous confortablement, mettez le son à fond et profitez de mes plus belles images en surf, en SUP, en Kite en wake lors de mes différents trips aux Philippines, Pérou, France..., des images de oufs, un bon résumé de ma saison 2016. Merci à mes sponsors pour leurs aides Slingshot, KDC, Mystic, Lokahi, Lakecity et Glissup et mes amis pour les images

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La Saison de ski se termine, la saison de wake commence ! La parfaite occasion de faire un weekend hybride : Ski à La Clusaz le samedi et Wake au TNS EXO 73 le dimanche.En plus on a croisé Candide sur son terrain de jeu, que demander de mieux ? Musique : Inverness - Your Word

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BACK TO BASICS | Flying Phantom & Foil wakeboarding (Extreme Sailing)

Flying phantom Team: Back to Basics Sailors: Bruno MARAIS & Eric LE BOUËDEC Wakefoil Rider: Philippe CANERI  Gear: Horue H13 & CANERI Pro model (https://www.horue.fr/).  Helicopter pilot: Daniel COVEN http://www.famahelicopters.com/ Thanks to Forward Wip for these amazing protection equipments. http://www.forward-wip.com With EKOSEA (https://ekosea.com/). Artist: Florence LEVY.   Make sure to follow us on YouTube and facebook (https://www.facebook.com/horuemovie/), it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where we let people know how to be involved in our videos. Music license from http://www.unippm.fr/.  -------------------------------------------------------------------- For business video inquiries, contact us here: contact@horuemovieproduction.fr Website: http://www.horuemovieproduction.fr/

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Behind the Boat w/ Wakeboarder Sasha Christian

Female wakeboarder Sasha Christian was strapped in and jumping wakes all over Asia by the age of 5. By the time she was 11, she turned Singapore's top female wakeboarder. Competition has been in her blood since diaper days, and her passion for progression has allowed her to take women's wakeboarding to a whole new level. Grab the rope and get behind the boat with Sasha Christian as she talks about learning new tricks and progression in the sport.

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GoPro Wakeboarding! Episode 1 "The Backyard Series"

Gunner Daft, JB ONeill, Mike Dowdy, Keenan Allen, Robby Holihan, Gordon Harrison, Cory Teunissen, Brad Teunissen

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Wakeboarding With a Massive Harbor Crane as a Tow Cable

With "Wake Crane," Dominik Gührs, Felix Georgii and Dominik Hernler celebrate a world first in water sports, as they're being towed by a floating port crane through a 360° container setup that they designed and built themselves. The project was realized and filmed in two weeks in Pula, Croatia with the support of AEE Drones & Cams, and marks the beginning of a new era in wakeboarding.

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Ice Wake Winter Project - Nikita Martyanov 2013

Every winter Nikita leaves Russia for some hot and sunny place, but this year circumstances left him in his home city - Saint Petersburg. As he was walking around the city center, he noticed that after the thaw the river ice broke up, exposing the stream in some places.  That's when he got the idea to wakeboard in this place. The difficulties and dangers were obvious: it sounds rather impossible to implement this bold plan in the historical city centre in the middle of a regular day. But self-confidence and conviction that strong spirit knows no limits helped this project come to life.

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The girl who walks on water - Pro Wakeboarder Larisa Morales

Meet Mexican wakeboard athlete, Larisa Morales. Besides her young age, Larisa is already considered a new rising star in her sports discipline.

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Top wakeboarding in Dubai filmed with the Sony Action Cam

Red Bull athlete Omeir Saeed weakeboarding in Dubai all filmed using the new Sony Action Cam

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Daniel Grant - Izon Wakepark

This year, we were pleased to meet the one and only 👽 Daniel Grant . Daniel spend a couple of time in France this summer cruising the best parks in beetween contests. Here is, his session at one of our craziest spots & pool gap: Wakepark Izon🌲Directed by: Thomas ParisCamera: Gwena He, Maxime Badets, Thomas ParisEdit: Thomas ParisA LightBros Production

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Justin Outré - Shredding Bzh Wakepark

Constance, style & technic is how we'd describe Justin's riding on a wakeboard.Jump on, for a few laps with him at Bzh Wakepark.  lightbrosproductions.com

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Matt Montoro - Come Alive

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Alive 2.0 - Full Movie -

After a little delay and live from the Fise Montpellier we are glad to present you the brand new opus of our "Surfing Elements" project:ALIVE 2.0 vimeo.com/165255886Starring: Teiva Outters Thomas ParisA project directed by: Thomas ParisFilmed by: Gwena He Photography Thomas Paris Marvin Saint-Réquier Nicolas Paris Nico BezierEdited by: Thomas ParisWith the recent troubles the world is going thrue, we wish to deliver the most positive and caring message to the world.We're passionate about nature's beauty and we feel like true happiness isn't a destination but rather a path to follow and a travel to enjoy.So wherever you are sit back, relax, (put sound & HD on) and enjoy what we’ve been up to for our leisures this winter.And don’t forget to live the most out of everyday, make the right choices for your life and enjoy nature and people around you, just to make sure to stay fully ALIVE émoticône winkWe wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION ION France Adi Kites ADIkites France RECKLESS.WAKE RECKLESS.WAKE France Surf Odyssey EQ Love WAPH Shinnworld Shinn kiteboarding Francelightbrosproductions.com

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Alive 2.0 (teaser)

Alive 2.0 Coming SOON.lightbrosproductions.com


Bzh Wakepark - Beginner Area

Quick introduction to the beginer area at Bzh Wakepark.Snacks, Rentals, Coaching & a sweet mood flyin' around, the outstanding view and the perfect Rixen Cableways Teleski will make you fall in love with this place.Check them out at: bzhwakepark.comA LightBros Production lightbrosproductions.com

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Fise World - Montpellier

LightBros went to Montpellier this spring to cover The 2016 FISE World Wakeboard Pro Men.It was a BLAST !!lightbrosproductions.com

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ALIVE - Full Movie

Here we are 15th of november, so like we promised you're free to enjoy our new full movie ALIVE!!With the recent terror events happening in France, we wish to deliver the most positive and loving message to the world.So as a reminder to all unfavorable forces, WE are a strong nation, with immense ressources and as long as a french soul will still breath their will be HOPE. So live the most out of everyday, make the right choices in your life and always enjoy the people and nature that surrounds you to stay fully ALIVE.We wouldn't be living the dream without the help of our sponsor so a big thank goes to ION.This movie was mostly shot on 5D MKIII in the South West of France and a bit of Spain. The movie features the riding of Teiva Outters, Thomas Paris & Colas Delebarre and many friends met along the road.This movie was shot and edited by: Thomas Paris - Gwena He - Teiva OuttersAnimation effects by: Nicolas ParisTracks: Kelpe - WhirlwoundHanni El Khatib - You Rascal YouTommy James & The Shondells - I'm AliveA LightBros Productions lightbrosproductions.com

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ALIVE (teaser)

Here we are the high quality Teaser of our new movie ALIVE is out !! Let us introduce you to something new which is not a surf movie, neither a wakeboarding or kiteboarding clip. This movie is about enjoying the waterlife, cruising across the country, ripping conditions of the day and mastering boardsports no matter where you go. Alive is just about being Alive. We could never been able to do such work without the help of our sponsors and friends so we want to thank the best water brand ever ION. Then we have to thank Exo Loisirs, TN64 Sames, Method & Concept Winch for pullin us, North Kiteboarding for allowing us to fly. All our friends involved in many different ways, into making this video happen.

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Just Riding, Man! (Szebasztian Szolath 2013)

A short showreel of Szebi Szolath from Budapest, Hungary.  

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Behind the Boat w/ Wakeboarder Guy Tanaka

Up and coming wakeboarder Guy Tanaka is the latest and youngest athlete in Singapore to join the Red Bull family. In short, the dude rips, and he's only just getting started. Get behind the boat and take an inside look at the next big wakeboard talent to come out of Singapore.

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Wakeboarding With Cory Teunissen - A Day in the Life

A day in the life with 16 year old wakeboarder, Cory Teunissen. After a morning boat session of wakeboarding, a trip to the mall's best wrestle carpet, a ride at the cable park and a little wake surfing, it's easy to see Cory and his buddies are living the dream. Wakeboarding since a young age, this Brisbane, Australia native has truly turned this passion into a lifestyle. Watch wakeboarders Cory Teunissen, Brad Teunissen, Aaron Gun and Harley Clifford throw down some incredible riding. We also got some awesome slowmotion wakeboarding shots. Wakeboarding 2014. Riders: Cory Teunissen (Instragram @coryteunissen) Brad Teunissen (Instagram @bradteunissen) Aaron Gunn (Instagram @aarongun) Harley Clifford (Instagram @harleyclifford)

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The Revolution - full movie part 2

With no special budget, an incredible motivation and the love of our sport in 2011 we traveled the world in seek of perfect locations, once we get to that point we realized that their is few lessons to be learned to reach the real dream. this is how we learnt the lessons together, this is how we became the Children of Revolution.One Love One People One destiny Lesson #1“Do what you want in life but do it in the right way”-Mom-Lesson #2“You can easily dethrone The King”-Tomas Paris-Lesson #3"Stick to the one’s you love"-Jah-Lesson #4Never let anyone or anything get you downLesson #5“We are what we think, all that arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world”-Buddha-Lesson #6"Be as complete as you can, never limit your dreams"-Teiva Joyeux-Lesson # 7"You’ll never stop learning so open your mind and be ready to receive, everything in life is a lesson. You have to make mistakes and learn from them to evolve into your best being. Once you have the feeling of success and accomplishment from a goal that you have worked so hard for, nothing can beat that in life.And only you can enjoy that party!"Lesson #8“Happiness is real only if shared”-Jon Krakauer-LightBros Productions©In association with Stance Magazine