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Yan Lecomte Good Ratio

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Remote 2017

Featuring: Ben Horan, Yan Lecomte, Oskar Gejler, Josh Zentmeyer, Silas Thurman, Leo Labadens, and Nick Taylor

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Leo Labadens’ Surprise!

After last week with Nick Davies, now it's the turn of Rixen rider Leo Labadens to smash some rad water skate stunts, from the Rixen Surprise Tour earlier this year. Just the riding, no waffling!

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Dieter and friends at Battle Falls

Diets takes his GoPro Hero3 to Reed Hansen's house for a couple sets and came up with this edit. A bonus section on the NOISIAVISION DVD shipping soon. Reed Hansen, Dieter Humpsch, Josh Zentmeyer and friends hit Battle Falls. Keep filming, keep wakeskating. Its fun.

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Reed Hansen - Wakeskate - Best Cable Trick - Pro Men

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The Wakeskate Tour - Travis Belsito

The Wakeskate Tour is a professional tour consisting of the best wakeskaters in the world. Follow the Rockstar team and and the rest of the athletes this season for one of the worlds most progressive action sports.

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NIKE 6.0 Wakeskate Ben Horan Andrew Pastura Matt Manzari Nick Taylor Aquafrolics PART1

Wakeboard, wakeskate, windsurf and other fucking stuff ! NIKE 6.0 Wakeskate Ben Horan Andrew Pastura Matt Manzari Nick Taylor Aquafrolics

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Nick Taylor Canada Trip

Wakeskater Nick Taylor takes a Canadian Trip. Enjoy! For more videos check out www.alliancewake.com

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NOISIAVISION IS FINISHED!!! DOWNLOAD A DIGITAL COPY NOW at noisiavision.tv/ A Film dedicated to wakeskating dedicated to filming. Featuring Reed Hansen, Grant Roberts, Matt Manzari, Chris Kallas, Dieter Humpsch, Brian Grubb, Nick Taylor, Danny Hampson and more Follow us - twitter.com/noisia_vision

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Zuzana Vrablova wakeskate tricks Philipines 2012

Made by: SUKA FILMS, Emil Åmand Christensen. Triple Wakeskate World Champion Zuzana Vrablova shows the tricks on Philipines, Camsur Watersports Comlex.

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James Harrington Wakeskate 2016

This video is from my recent wakeskating in England and America, taking trips to some of the best spots i have ever rode at! Thanks for the support Byerly Boards, ION, Church Grip. Special thanks to Wmski, Valdosta Wake Compound, Hannams Wake Hub and Ollie Moore for the spots to ride and for the Filming - Daniel Grant, Brandon Thomas, Charlie Marshall, Ollie Moore, Ben & Terry Hannam, Steve Thorne, Oskar Gejler and Felix Andrade

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Calli Welcome Edit

Virtue Wakeskates welcomes Calli Turner to the team.

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Wakeskating the Eighth Wonder of the World w/ Brian Grubb

For more adventure visit http://win.gs/1aXUVRM Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team has assured that the plants and wildlife have neither been damaged nor disturbed at any time during the project. All agreements have been made together with the locals and under respect of their traditions and culture. Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) travelled to the Philippines to have an epic winch session at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The famous rice terraces of Banaue are considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World and were surely the perfect playground for an unique wakeskate session!

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The Wakeskate Tour - Clement De Premonville

Watch the full Tour here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=... The Wakeskate Tour is a professional tour consisting of the best wakeskaters in the world. Follow the Rockstar team and and the rest of the athletes this season for one of the worlds most progressive action sports. Follow Rockstar! YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Twitter: http://twitter.com/rockstarenergy Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/rockstar Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rockstarenergy Pheed: https://www.pheed.com/rockstarenergy Follow The Wakeskate Tour! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheWakeskate... Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewakeskatetour Web: http://thewakeskatetour.com

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“YEAH, YOU!” Clement Depremonville full part

Clement Depremonville full part in "Yeah, you!" "A story about a journey to the Philippines", starring James Windsor, Clement Depremonville, Kaesen Suyderhoud, Daniel Grant, Julian Cohen, Graeme Burress, San Im and many others... Produced, directed and edited by Jon Vital. Song : "Danger" by Sallie Ford and the sound outside.

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TSN44.2 - Opening 2017 : 18 mars

Bientôt la réouverture pour la saison 2017 et les riders de la région sont déjà prêts ! Conception & réalisation par KWD Sports

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Vincent Kardasik Cinematography Reel 4K

Shot on Red Epic MX, Dragon, Weapon and Helium from 4K to 8K. Talents in order of appearance: Ryan Keen Laetitia Galina Katia Moochooran Zoe Cross Kael Walsh Kelia Moniz Shane Dorian Anthony Boudard Monyca Eleogram Leo Labadens Bruna Schmitz Rosy Hodge Torah Bright Matt Hoy Stephanie Gilmore Jamie Mitchell Soundtrack: Ember by Ryan Keen Shot on location in France, Ireland, Mauritius, Tahiti, Brazil, Maldives, Spain, Australia and USA.

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Comment réaliser un backlip en wakeskate

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Wakeskating the South Coast of South Africa with Matti Buys and Kaylib Louw Filmed and edited by Timothy Woodley



The team at Freefly closed out the summer with the introduction of a brand new sport: #DroneSurfing. Drone is: Freefly ALTA 8 freeflysystems.com Music: Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) by Major Lazer

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Surfing with Horses! | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

We went SURFING behind HORSES and boats with one of the world's best SKIMBOARDERS! You can check out more awesome stunts here! https://youtu.be/koW2Clc0xEA?list=PLj... Austin Keen is Skimboarding World Champion 2013, a bona fide Ambassador of Action Sports and Lifestyle! Follow him on his Socials! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/austinkeen4... YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AustinKeen Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AustinKeen47/ The AMAZING Horses and Riders were provided by Rocky Mountain Outfitter. Find more information about them here: http://www.rockymtnoutfitters.com/ Want to be in our next video?!? Follow us on social media! https://www.facebook.com/devinsupertramp http://twitter.com/devinsupertramp http://www.instagram.com/devinsupertramp Behind The Scenes: https://youtu.be/6-cHRaI2MPc Music: “Hey Child” By Korbee https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hey...  

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Wakeskate sesh - Vincent Sudrat

Vincent Sudrat, chez lui, au Castor Wakepark...

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Daniel Grant TAO Teaser

The countdown begins to a full length edit of a year in Daniel Grant's life. Between traveling the world, hanging out with friends and all the shredding in between, TAO will give you an inside look into what it is to be this young Phenom. Mark your calendars for the full length release of TAO on Daniel's 18th birthday.. December 23rd, 2015. Film and Production by Brandon Thomas, Music by Bear Karry. Additional filming by Skateway, Bobby Srinkapaibulaya & Ripcurl. Download this track and more at: www.soundcloud.com/bearkarry

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