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La Semaine Affoilante 2017 | FOIL PARTY

A week dedicated to hydrofoils. Location: Saint Pierre Quiberon (France) Dates: April 5 to 9, 2017. Hydrofoils: moth, GC32, flying phantom, kitefoil, windfoil, catfoiler, trifoiler, prototypes, etc. Partners: * ENVSN ( * Forward WIP ( * Conseil départemental du Morbihan ( * SEair ( * EuroLarge Innovation ( * Yacht Club Carnac ( * Helly Hanser ( * GéoRacing ( * Kerfoils ( Partners: * ENVSN ( * Team LSA * Conseil départemental du Morbihan ( * AQTA ( ) * Yacht Club Carnac ( * GéoRacing ( * Kerfoils ( * Forward WIP ( Make sure to follow us on YouTube and facebook (, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where we let people know how to be involved in our videos. ----------------------------------------­------------------------- For business inquiries ONLY, contact us here: Website:

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DEFI WIND 2017 is coming // Clip 1 // Just for little pressure

Would you get goose bumps like us? / Qui veut avoir la chair de poule à un mois et demi du Défi Wind 2017? :) #defiwind #playwithus #gruissan #windsurfing #windsurf

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X - Boujmaa Guilloul in Marocco - Windsurf video

Insane big windsurf wave riding with Boujmaa Guilloul in Marocco, on his secret spots

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Mystic Boujmaa Guiloul triple forward

Earlier this year, Mystic windsurfing team rider Boujmaa Guilloul (Essaouira, Morocco) attempted a triple forward loop during a session at Ho'okipa on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii. He crashed bad, really bad. And here's his what he has got to say about that, two months after it happened. Grab your Mystic gear at:

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La Palme Speed Challenge 2017

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John Skye - 2016

Not a very original title, but this is the best of 2016. Action from South Africa in the January 2016 shooting for RRD, plus some big wave riding from the PWA Aloha Classic contest in November 2016. Some of the biggest Hookipa I have ever sailed.

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2017 Season - EP 1 - COUNTRY OF VITAMINS

I'm happy to present you the first episode of " 2017 Season ". This year I will realize some episodes like this one, to show you the behind the scene of young windsurfer. I want to show all the good times (also the bad ones) that Windsurf allows me to live. This first epidose it's about my begining of the year, I spent a month and a half, like most Windsurfers of the Tour, in Cape Town, South Africa, pushing my limits and practicing as much as possible. We were also able to discover all the beautiful landscapes that offer South Africa !! I let you look and I hope you will like it! The next episode will be about my preparation at home before the first stage of the world cup in the Canary Islands. Caméras : Liife_Diary / Lou / Arthur & Alice Arutkin / Phillipe Mesmeur / Thomas Vincent Music : Kishi Bashi - Ha Ha

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Afrique du sud - Sam Esteve

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Josh Angulo windsurf & surf in Ponta Preta (Cabo Verde)

Windsurf world champion in his home, Ponta Preta, in Isla de Sal. Cabo Verde. After taking a dangerous wave because low wind, Josh Angulo take his surf board. un video de

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Storm Windfoiling | Foil windsurfing with 50 knots wind

Foil: Horue Vini ( Tiny Pro model 70L ( Goya Scion 2m².Rider: Philippe CANERI .Make sure to follow us on YouTube and facebook (, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where we let people know how to be involved in our videos.Music license from --------------------------------------------------------------------For business video inquiries, contact us here:contact@horuemovieproduction.frWebsite:

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Windsurf & Lifestyle 2016

Tenerife, Maroc... 2016 Du windsurf et du lifestyle !

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Justin Denel - Still In The Game - Pro Windsurfer / Student diaries

« Still In The Game » est un projet vidéo qui a mûri depuis 2 ans dans lequel je tente de raconter, entre video de windsurf et documentaire, la vie de windsurfer (semi)professionnel telle que je la vis. Des bancs de la fac aux vagues du monde entier, en passant par Paris Bercy et ma boite de prod, voici sans prétention l’histoire d’un ptit teigneux qui a refusé de choisir entre ses rêves ! Le titre sonne comme une revendication, la conclusion comme une remise en cause. A vos partages ! / "Still In the game" is a video project that matured during the last 2 years in witch I try to tell, between windsurfing video and documentary, the (semi)pro-windsurfer / Student life as I live it. From university to the waves around the world, passing through Paris Bercy and my production company, this is without any pretension the story of a little guy that refused to choose between his dreams. The title sounds like a claim, the conclusion like a calling into question.

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Laurent FRA-66 - 2015 Luderitz speed challenge

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Nouvelle Caledonie

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waterman MEGA MIX

Des compétitions et du fun,  vis ma vie de waterman 2016.  cocktails d'images et videos cam embarquées et autres. Du windsurf, au kitesurf, en passant par le foil +de75% de ma pratique pour cette année.   Tout y est race, speed, slalom, vagues, freestyle, hang time,  FFF &company.   Un gros merci a tous les collaborateurs, rider, amis cameraman sponsors.   to be continued 2017  ...   Glisse attitude, nkb spotz, gasoil pc2, sailloft  musique hot drums JOYRIDE .

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I Believe I can Fly 3 [The best of Foil]

I Believe I can Fly 1:  I Believe I can Fly 2: Make sure to follow us on YouTube and facebook (, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where we let people know how to be involved in our videos. More information about the best foils: & Protection equipment by Forward Wip: Eyewear by Bomber Eyewear: Riders of HORUE® team:   * Philippe CANERI  * Théo DEMANEZ  * Bastien ESCOFET * Elodie MAJOT * Valère CANERI Rider on Moth sailing (Seair team): Bertrand CASTELNERAC. Thanks to Eooliz for foil surfing views: Thanks to & Fanny Dumortier. Music license from Before Sunset - Nonte.   -------------------------------------------------------------------- For business video inquiries, contact us here: Website:

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All Star Wind Games Nantes 2017

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1 an d'action en 3 minutes - Gopro Tao Photographie

Un an d'action et de fun en 3 minutes.  One year of action and fun in 3 minuts. Music : SMLN - Quasar Check his profile for more awesome songs ;) : Filmé en Gopro Hero 4 silver

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The Search is ON for windsurfers ! The 2016 Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour's Final (French Wave Championship's Final) took place in Carro (South of France) the 20th & 21th of November. The 30 best French waveriders were there to compete in epic Mediterranean conditions during these two days, with stong wind and nice waves. RESULTS : 1. Regis BOURON 2. Thomas TRAVERSA 3. Adrien BOSSON 4. Julien TABOULET 5. Nicolas AKGAZCIYAN 6. Florent CATRY 7. Jean Baptiste CASTE 8. Sylvain PUIG 9. Antony RUENES 9. Philippe MESMEUR 9. Loïck LESAUVAGE 9. Sébastien SENICOURT PARTNERS : All In Sport Beach Company Dakine Rip Curl Fédération Française de Voile Cercle de Voile de Martigues Windsurfjournal Wind Magazine Planchemag FILM & EDIT : Ride Production MUSIC : Glass Animals - Gooey (Wild Culture Remix) Electric Citizen - Light years beyond

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Windsurf foil: how to SWITCH KONO [tutorial 8 | Windfoil] "Tuto - How to Windfoil" playlist: Tutorial 8: learn how to Switch Kono with your windsurf foil. Look carefully this video to see key points and comment it! Do you want to learn how to windfoil? Do you want to discover new windfoiling tricks and progress? So make sure to follow us on YouTube, subscribe now!  Follow us on Facebook: Rider: Philippe CANERI. Hydrofoil used: Horue ( Music license from UPPM ( ----------------------------------------­------------------------- For business inquiries, contact us here: Website:

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La Torche Windsurf | The Best of FOIL

La Torche Windsurf | The Best of Windsurf hydro foiling. Make sure to follow us on YouTube and facebook (, it's the cool thing to do these days :) It's also where we let people know how to be involved in our videos. Thanks to ALOHA ATTITUDE  for making this video happen. Music license from Don't say it - Britton Buckle. -------------------------------------------------------------------- For business video inquiries, contact us here: Website:

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Kitesurf , foil and windsurf Corsica - Gopro and Drone

Des images de kite, windsurf et de foil de cet été en Corse.La gopro + des images de drone = un beau petit clip !Kitesurfing, kite foiling and windsurfing in Corsica this summer.Musique : Snoop Dog - Gd up (Boubou remix)Filmé en gopro et dji phantom 2Edité avec fcpx

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History of Dave Kalama

Dave Kalama's Waterman journey that made stand up paddling..... Stand up paddling

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