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Namibia et ses meilleurs barrels

Des barrels légendaires à Namibia en compagnie de Alex Smith, Koa Smith, Koa Rothman, Benji Brand et Anthony Walsh. Des paysages filmés entièrement avec Go Pro.

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GoPro: Travis Rice's Dream Line with Karma Grip in 4K

Take a rip down one of the dreamiest lines of the year as Travis takes his first crack at using the new GoPro Karma Grip Extension Cable. Deep British Columbia powder paired with Travis' uncanny ability to tame the wildest lines would make for a great POV run any day, but the added fluidity of the Karma Grip has left us in awe! Shot while at Galena Lodge filming Depth Perception, Travis’s new upcoming film project presented by Quiksilver and CMH Heli and is directed by Chip Taylor of Rubble and Chris Murphy of Helio and Company.

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Mountain bike

GoPro Awards: Rémy Métailler's Crazy Urban DH Run in Mexico

Rémy Métailler rips through the streets of Mexico through narrow back alleys and non-stop twisting staircases as he finishes 2nd in the @DownPuertoVallarta urban downhill mountain bike race.

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GoPro: Delta Force Summer Kick Off - Wakeboarding

With a heavy season behind them the Delta gang takes some much-needed time off to simply hang, go camping, and ride. With no schedule or contest to be had our favorite Nor Cal crew does what they do best.

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GoPro: Dual Double Backflips with Fabian Bösch and Christof Schenk

Christof Schenk and Fabian Bösch do huge side-by-side double backflips over the castle at Suzuki Nine Knightsat Mottolino Fun Montain in Livigno, Italy.  

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GoPro: Record Breaking Jump with David Wise - 9 Knights The Perfect Hip 2016

Olympic gold medalist David Wise sets a new world record with the largest air on a hip at a whopping 14.2m (46 feet) during the Suzuki nine Knights in Wtles, South Tyrol, Italy.  “It was not a goal, but I decided to go as high as I possibly can, record or not. To take that title home is definitely an experience of a lifetime”, he said, adding that “the jump is just so well built. From the first time I hit it to the last, I was having fun."  

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GoPro: Unicycling Around Chile

Follow Lutz as he shreds the mountain sides of Chile on his, very unique, mode of transportation.  Shot 100% on the HERO® cameras from

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GoPro HD: Surf Photography with Clark Little

Shot 100% on the HD HERO® camera from GoPro®. Learn more at  An inside scoop of the art behind Clark Little's surf photography. Music: "Looking for Love" by Pretty Lights

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