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Removu A1+M1 Waterproof Bluetooth Microphone for GoPro

In rain or shine, the REMOVU M1+A1 Waterproof Bluetooth Microphone System for GoPro gives you the freedom to wirelessly record higher quality audio with your GoPro HERO4, HERO3+, or HERO3 camera. This system includes the M1 microphone and the A1 audio pack. Utilizing Bluetooth 3.0 technology, the M1 microphone allows you to record high-quality sound at distances up to 33' away. The A1 attaches to the back of your GoPro, enabling you to connect to the A1 or other external Bluetooth microphones. The A1 fits inside the GoPro's Standard Housing outfitted with a Standard BacPac Backdoor for use in inclement weather. For a complete waterproof system, the M1 comes with a waterproof housing that uses a specialized material over the mic holes to allow sound in while keeping water out. Also included are a foam windscreen, GoPro mount, and Clip Mount for the M1, along with a USB charging cable for both the M1 and A1. For more info & buy:

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REMOVU S1 Skiing with GoPro HERO5

Using the REMOVU S1 gimbal skiing, all shot with the GoPro HERO5. My skis: REMOVU S1 gimbal: REMOVU Wireless mic: GoPro HERO5: 3rd person mount: FAN MAIL?? PO BOX 4129 Long Branch NJ station B 07740 Instagram: Snapchat: jeremysciarappa Twitter: Facebook: Music:

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Top Must Have GoPro Accesories!

Here I run though some of the top GoPro Accessories out there! Thanks to these guys I have been able to push my GoPro to it's limits. All the Products in the Video are listed below. (Show More For Full List) GoPole Evo - Polar Pro Pole - GoPole Grenade Grip - Knekt GoPro Dome - Wassbi Batteries - Mouth Mount (Accesory Pro) - Feiyu Tech GoPro Gimbal - Pelican Hard Case 1400 - Removu Waterproof Microphone - Follow me on Instagram Music by -

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GoPro: Summer 2017 - Fun at the lake!

GoPro Summer 2017 fun at the lake! from cliff jumping, rope swinging and wakeboarding/wakesurfing madness with the best crew up at the lake! If this doesn't get you amped for Summer then I can't even! nothing better than boats, babes and good vibes also how majestic are those inflatables!? also who actually reads these things anyway?Also I find so many people online now just want to inspire people with everything they create where as you gotta sometimes remember to just have fun, and that's what this video is all about! Now I'm just blabbing along in this description that you're probably still reading and those who haven't read it are probably commenting asking for the song names, what gear I used or what programs I edit on without even thinking to read this description. Well with an essay like this can you really blame them?If you took this video seriously, then lol.How to find me:Instagram: chrisrogerszaSubscribe to Sibu: to SP: to Taun: to Alex: to Janine: 100% on the GoPro HERO5 BlackDrones used: GoPro Karma & 3DR SOLOSettings used:2.7k linear @ 60fps1440p @ 80fps4k @ 30 fpsProtune settings: all auto, iso 400 and EV -0.5 Gear:GoPro KARMA gripREMOVU splash proof gimbal for followcam shotsBeastmount 360 rig*IMPORTANT*Please only use and share this embed code of the original video.Third party downloads and distribution is not permitted.Music:Stonebank - Back To Start (feat. Dylan Dunlap) - Bananonymous - Sleigh Bells - Hello (marshmello Remix) & Hook N Sling - Love On Me (Paris Blohm Remix) in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After EffectsLeave a comment below with the hashtag #MakeMondayGreatAgain if you would like a GDOME for your GoPro! :)Comment below if you have any questionsFor business enquires ONLY, contact me here:

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