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Ian Matteoli's GOT GAME

Ian Matteoli has seriously GOT GAME! He is 9 yers old, speaks fluent English, Italian and French. Has 13 girlfriends (we assume) Makes fly-fishing tackle, Plays the harmonica and absolutely kills it on a snowboard! This little monster is 28kg of awesome unstoppable fun! Watch him and Alex Stewart destroy Vars snowpark in what will be the youngest Rusty Toothbrush video part EVER! POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF THIS VIDEO ARE AS FOLLOWS: Strong shred esteem issues may occur In rare cases a desire to make shred babies will develop Careful when watching not to make contact with eyes, if so rinse immediately with water If symptoms persist your shit out of luck. Production: Alex Stewart Film: Francesco Zoppei & Brad Smith Editing: Alex Stewart & Brad Smith Color Correction: Brad Smith Animation & Post: Francesco Zoppei Song: Kill the Band - Goons of Doom Riders: Ian Matteoli & Alex Stewart Thank you to: Philipp Putzer from POC Andrea Caccia and Fumaz from VOLCOM Andrea Matteoli from YANK  Dalas from VARS SNOWPARK Without your support this project could never have left the ground.

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