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Worlds Longest Waves: Open Ocean Foil Surfing

Harnessing the power of the open ocean swells, the hydrofoil allows you to levitate above the surface of the water and ride the worlds longest waves. Surf spots are getting more and more crowded so why not have the option to escape it all. In this video I am riding a 5'6" shortboard on the North Shore of Maui using only using my arms and swell energy to soar for miles upon miles.

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Kai Lenny Hydrofoil Surfing

One of the most incredible feelings I've ever felt in surfing is when you can paddle for one wave but ride two! Hydrofoil Surfing has opened my world to new experiences and surfed spots I would have never looked twice at. #NaishMalolo #HydrofoilSurfing Video: #poorboyzproduction / Johnny Decesare & Jace Panebianco

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Kai Lenny

KAI LENNY Production team: POOR BOYZ DISTRIBUTION, INC (@poorboyzlive) Edit: @nick_springer Producer: @johnnydpbp  Music: Pennywise "All or Nothing"

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