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Started in 2013, The Big Picture is a web series that follows the skiing of Chris Logan, Parker White and the friends they travel with.  Growing up as young, east coast rivals it was only natural that these two would be destined to become great friends as well as some of the most influential freeskiers of their time.  With personal influences from music, art and everything but skiing these two managed to lock down a  web series of their own where they can portray a style of skiing all their own.  In a stagnant industry it was only natural that these two would branch off the beaten path of contests and motion picture filming to bring you their most current skiing, for free.  Gone are the times of waiting till the fall to purchase a ski movie and skip through 15 segments just to watch a few influential segments.

We would like to thank all of you who have tuned in to watch season one and hope you enjoyed,  more to come for winter 2014/15.

Chris and Parker would like to thank their sponsors for making this dream become a reality, Rossignol, Electric California, Orage, Tomahawk International, Tall T Productions, Bomb Snow Magazine and Cheetah Factory Racing.