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South Africa Wingsuit Basejumping

Shared on Jun 4, 2015 8:27:39 AM


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I get to travel all around the world to teach and coach wingsuit flying. During those trips I often get the chance to make basejumps in unique and sometimes very remote locations. 

With a good 10 hour hike to the exit point, this was for sure one of those jumps that required a lot of effort, but in terms of scenery and experience, it was worth every meter we walked.

I was accompanied on this jump by a great crew of South African basejumpers and speedflyers, making it an experience to never forget.

Check it out!

Jarno Cordia

Wingsuit Pilots
Jean-Jacques Wallis
Waldo Prinsloo
Jarno Cordia

Speedwing Pilots
Phillip van Coller 
Stefan Kruger

Stills Photography
Katie Levick

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