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Bodysurf - Come hell or high water

Shared on Jun 24, 2017 5:09:42 AM


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Come Hell or High Water the bodysurfing movie by Woodshed films! Keith Malloy's 1st film, shot primarily on 16mm, focuses on the simplicity and beauty of bodysurfing. Keith tells the story of the history and progression of the sport through its many unique characters. "It's about taking a breath, and kicking your feet, in the big blue sea." Bill "Nirvik Coleman, Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart, Chris Kalima, Tim Burnham, Thomas Melum, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy, Jon Solomon, Mike Kasic, Dan Malloy, Lewis Bradshaw V, Jeff Mitchell, Fred Simpson, MelThoman, Matt Larson, Don and Beau King, Noel Gino Sotelo, Belinda Baggs, Jeff Johnson, Raimana Van Bastolaer, Danny Hess, Kai Santos, Steve Kapela, Cyrus Sutton, Durdam Rocherolle, Patrice Chanzy, Matahi Drollet, Tom Thayer, Trevor Gordon, and mant more... Bodysurfing Locations: Newport Beach, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Hawaii, Teahpoo, Fiji, Nantucket, Montana Thanks to: Patagonia, Nixon ----------------- Une discipline simple, universelle et ébouïssante : le bodysurf. Naviguer dans les vagues simplement grâce à l'aide du corps. Le film des frères Malloy "Come hell or high water" regroupe les tous meilleurs de la discipline : Mark Cunningham, Mike Stewart, Fletcher Chouinard par exemple. Un rendu superbe pour les yeux, et on ne demande qu'à voir la suite.

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