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Momentum | The Alex Megos Formula: Part 1

Shared on Apr 19, 2017 9:32:44 AM

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Alexander Megos is the climber of the future. He has the potential to push the limits of climbing to insane new heights. So what’s his formula? We went on a journey with Alex for you to bring you The Alex Megos Formula. It’s a four-part series of short documentary features combining to a narrative journey from this young prodigy’s roots to becoming one of the strongest climbers to date. Do you want to know his secret?

Physics is the key principle – friction & force, motion & momentum, gravity & power. These forces provide analogies and metaphors, pushing the story forward. Alongside Alex’ personal point of view the storyline also captures his mentors and friends. 

The Alex Megos Formula is an invitation to become an explorer, a scientist of physics to explore unknown powers. Free with every move. Join us as we bolt out until everything finally falls into place and the formula is proven. And as Alex begins to climb. We watch. In awe.

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