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Frebord Best Rider of the Year 2013

Shared on Jun 10, 2015 3:33:58 PM

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The Freebord is a board that gave riders the control of a snowboard on pavement.
Jordi Puig is probably the most Talented freebord Rider on earth, just 19 years old, he is respect by his eldest cause of his fluidity in riding and his freestyle approach of this sport .
He is also a nice and humble person. His approach of extreme riding is really mature, he won't put himself in danger for a shot and have already the experience old riders usually have to stay safe as he is bombing hills !
In September 2013, Jordi came visit Sébastien Jam, local rider of Verbier (switzerland ). Just 3 day of shredding and party, as aver bier trip usually offer. Here is an highlight of this 3 dias con Jordi Puig !

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