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Mid-Air Touchdown 2014 Slovenia: News Cut

Shared on Nov 24, 2014 5:15:50 PM

shaka 10 802

In the video two different flying machines come together. Totally different approach to flying but in the end with use of same nature elements for successful flight. Pilots of this two different worlds are normally not building up some great bonds as they only see each other in the air. Hang gliders have evolved in the recent years to this performance that now they are able to chase the performance of special saiplane (Blanic). Until now, these two worlds where far apart but now they are coming together. The thirty year old hang glider pilot Matjaž Klemenčič is one of the best ones out there. He found Nejc, a test pilot for Pipistrel, who has been his friend for quite some time now and they did this special project together.
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