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Dawn of a New Era Rockstar Energy Racings Jason Anderson

Shared on Dec 10, 2014 9:58:44 AM

shaka 5 156

Dawn of a New Era Rockstar Energy Racing’s Jason Anderson takes a trip to the homeland of Husqvarna to connect with its roots as he prepares to lead the legendary brand into a new era. In the drifting brisk autumn air Time stands unstirring in the new morning light Apart from the ordinary and untried He holds no time wasted, Anxious, ripened and sharp The path lies beaten and unfinished Light handed, with a tenacious desire He chases Chases the unforgotten Chases the remembrance of time Unbarred only to the willing. Loyalty must be on your side The history is pure and settled An era bearing birth of its creation A generation fabled but unquestioned A generation to originate and pioneer; A generation pasted but never forgotten. A voyage accepted only by the knowing, Reserved only for those who dare to possess it Bear through life like a torch in flame Fastened only by tradition, the fire burns There are no invitations; your fire must live in your bones There are no second chances; your freedom rules your desire No routes can be untaken, lead a path of unrivaled certainty Unparalleled by the bond of man and machine The clock thickens, anticipation illuminates his ambition Seek no further, the day has spent its last hour Arise the past, to emerge the future Let the weary tell you no answers, dawn of the new light has yet to come Look through the vastness of your challengers No query may be in sight Hold fast on the barrier and charge through your gate You must find your own answers Pursue the burning fire along with the others; before you pass it down. Follow Rockstar!
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