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Speed Ski Mountaineering – The highest peaks in Switzerland and France in one tour

Shared on May 29, 2017 2:37:28 PM

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Beni Hug and Tony Sbalbi set out on the road once again to score another amazing achievement. They climbed the Dufour Peak and Mont Blanc, the two highest peaks in Switzerland and France, in a single tour – an impressive feat of endurance.


Just two years ago, in May 2015, Mammut athlete Beni Hug and French ski mountaineer Tony Sbalbi climbed all seven of the peaks over 4,000 m in the Aletsch region on touring skis in only 20 hours. Beni and Tony managed to achieve a personal best by climbing a total of 7,000 vertical meters and covering a distance of about 65 km. Two years later, they got together again to undertake another awe-inspiring challenge and add another adventure to their previous one. This time, the Swiss national and his French counterpart planned to climb the highest peaks in their native countries in a single tour. The route alone from one peak to the other (approx. 78 km), which extends along a route similar to that of the so-called Haute Route, normally takes several days. The two endurance specialists conquered the entire tour, including the ascent of both peaks, in less than 50 hours. The full reality of this feat of endurance only becomes clear when you realize that the entire distance to be covered is 140 km with a total of 13,902 ascent meters and 14,622 descent meters to overcome.

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