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Top 10 n°37 - New World's altitude record in tandem

Shared on Jun 5, 2015 1:22:56 PM

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TOP 10 n°37 :

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°37: New World's altitude record in tandem

#1 – These Guys Just Set A New World Record That's Not For The Faint-Hearted | EpicTV Choice Cuts (Para motor)
Rider: Anthony and Tim Green
By Epic TV

#2 – The unReal Movie Official Trailer - A 4K Mountain Bike Film (MTB)
By Teton Gravity Research

#3 – GoPro: SkateBoardingIsFun Contest powered by The Berrics (Skate)
Rider: Crew The Berrics
By Go Pro

#4 – Fiction (BMX)
Rider: Viki Gomez
By Viki Gomez

#5 – Ronnie Renner thrashes golf course on his KTM Motorcycle and Polaris RZR (Moto cross)
Rider: Ronnie Renner
By LooseProgram

#6 – A jump of 60 m long with a truck (Truck)
Rider: Brian Deegan
By Ford

#7 – The Mount 2 – Jeremy Pancras (Ski)
Rider: Jeremy Pancras
By Jeremy Pancras

#8 – Kirill Galushko for Trailhead (Roller)
Rider: Kirill Galushko
By P.Motion

#9 – Travel Spirit (Parkour)
Rider: Joel Eggiman
By Joel Eggiman

#10 – Ho'okipa (Windsurf)
Rider: Loïck LeSauvage
By Loïck LeSauvage

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