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FIRST EVER BASE JUMP With 28m Velocity Paraglider From a Cliff in Moab Utah!

Shared on Jan 14, 2015 2:46:05 PM

shaka 3 337

FIRST EVER "hand-held Cliff Base Jump" with a Velocity Edge 28m Paraglider! This amazing stunt was performed by Spencer "Biz McTangles" Bisley in Moab Utah. For more information on Velocity Paragliders
Spencer is an experienced Base Jumper and Paragliding Pilot, who recently got into the sport of Powered Paragliding. He purchased a BlackHawk AirMax 220 Paramotor and a 28m Velocity Edge Paraglider. Spencer has spent the last 5 years "combining the sports of Base Jumping and Paragliding." His first attempt at Base Jumping with a 28m Paraglider was five years ago from the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho. Footage of this jump is included in this video. After multiple jumps with many different gliders, Spencer was finally ready to attempt the cliff jump in Utah.

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