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RocketSkates, the first smart electric skates

Shared on Apr 8, 2015 3:54:58 PM

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The RocketSkates are the world’s first smart electric skates. Users simply strap in RocketSkates over their shoes and start cruising! 

Glide on electric skates at up to 16 km/hour: RocketSkates offer an alternative to get around town tirelessly, with a great new feeling of freedom. 

RocketSkates are lightweight, hands-free, and tons of fun. Equipped with four 50W DC brushless hub motors—two per skate—RocketSkates propel users at speeds reaching 10mph, can operate an estimated 90 minutes (up to a range of 10 miles) on a full charge. With a quick, strap-in design, lithium-ion batteries, adjustable footplate, rear-wheel suspension, and electronic and mechanical braking systems, RocketSkates fuse technology and artistry to create a unique transportation experience.

RocketSkates also boast Smart Technology in the form of an intuitive app, for both IOS and Android users, that offers the ability to track routes and distances travelled, perform diagnostics on the RocketSkates, monitor battery status and interact with other skaters digitally.

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