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Cleptomanicx in Copenhagen

Shared on Jul 26, 2017 7:52:24 AM


Little did we know, Copenhagen is one step closer to paradise. We just got back from CPH Pro’17, and for the most of us, it was actually the very first time. While we were on our way to the capital with the world famous mermaid and probably the biggest and coolest contest in the world, we got a call from Henning Tapper (Cleptomanicx TM) asking if we would be interested in releasing their latest tour article. The answer was clear, allthough we did not even saw the video or any of those photos.

It’s a trust thing and if you know that Niklas Speer von Cappeln, Jan Hoffman, Tjark Thielker, Benjamin Vogel and Dennis Laass went on a trip to a huge skate park that looks like Copenhagen, you better put all your trust in it.
Copenhagen does it the right way and so did the Cleptomanicx team with this film.

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