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Daewon Song goes hard !

Shared on Jun 8, 2015 3:37:00 PM


shaka 3 281

When I first started skating my parents only bought me 1 board and it was stolen a few weeks later 😢 !! From that point I was on my own 😣 2wks later my friend Nick gave me an old board with one rusted truck and 3 bearings on it !! I was the happiest kid 😄!! This clip is dedicated to him 🙏🏽 #1truckandbearings ....I still think about how happy I was with an incomplete board knowing one day it'll have all its parts and I could skate again 😂🙏🏽! Thanks #instafamily for all your support and we can make anything work 👊🏽 ....#sorryforpreaching !! Repost from @sdae_ brand /SDĀ/ positive ! #andalebearings

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