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Shared on Sep 25, 2014 3:55:13 PM

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Another cracking event at Osborne Skate Park. The weather in Australia throughout the winter has been horrible, wet and windy all over the place, but yet again we have scored amazing weather and a massive turn out, with more entrants then last year. Extra heats added to the 15’s division and the day was set to roar. 15 & UNDER Bodies flying everywhere, that was the scene on Saturday. The park, fun as it is, tends to create mayhem when the comp begins. Many obstacle utilse the same runup, so crossing paths in inevitable. But the cream always rises and this day was no different. 3rd place went to Melbournite and WITP newest and youngest veteran Bradley Saunders. Bradley has been travelling around for these events and he is getting more consistent every day. Perfect front feebles and kickflip that he could do with his eyes closed. 2nd place went to Volcom’s Jay Runciman. Jay has been on fire of late, just releasing his new part on Adelaide’s “The Streets Made Us”. Something you should all get your hands on and check out. Jay has smooth tricks all over the park, but he wasn't able to hold out Zach Georgion who steamed over the 1st place. He skated everything on the course, something the judges regard highly, he can flip his board just as good as be can stick it to the ledges and rail. These kids all will be influential in Australian skateboarding in the years to come. Cant wait to see what they do at the Champs in November. GIRLS Only 3 entrants this year… usually Adelaide brings the heat and has more girls enter, but not to let that bring the energy down, the girls hit the course and pushed each other to their limits. 3rd place was Allanah Bruno who we have known for a couple years now and seems to progress every time. 2nd was one of Australia’s best know female skaters Kat Williams. Kat as always looks like the in in control and takes her tricks all over the park, but for the first time in years she was out trumped by another. Emily Bitzer was the lucky gal who took home 1st and we have never seen someone happier to take the podium. The Champs is looking bright!!! 16 & OVER With a heated list of Australian top hitters, it was always going to be hard to take one of the top 3 places. All the Adelaide rulers skate so well, its always a great time. 3rd place went to Beau hinge who always crushes it. Back 360 Kickflips over the hip, Bigger Flips over it as well. The dude has it going on! 2nd place went to Melbourne Ex-Pat Christopher Craig, everyone’s favourite skate mate. Chris has the dopest style and his Cab down the big 4 block nearly sealed the deal, but all rounder Angus Thomas wasn't having it. He was everywhere and doing tricks we had never seen him do. Back 360 lip on the A-Frame and gnarly 5-0’s over the concrete hip, he had it all dialed. Well done fella’s. So that wraps up Adelaide 2014 Wild In The Parks qualifier. All the winners have earned themselves a spot in the Championship event at Waterloo Skate Park coming up on November 22nd. Video by Jared Nicholsen
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