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Shared on Dec 14, 2015 4:55:48 PM

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For the second Black & White episode of the season, Dennis Ranalter and Lukas Eisl packed their stuff and drove all the way up to Sudndalen Norway to catch up with Andreas Håtveit. They enjoyed some super nice days in the backyard of Andreas!
Watch out for some creative and heavy rail action!


Atomic was born in the Austrian Alps in 1955, and more than 60 years on we’re still here. Over the years our equipment has raced to the top of every ski podium, reached the peak of Everest, and taken on every type of skiing you could think of. We’ve helped skiers go higher in the half pipe, further in the backcountry, faster on piste and longer on the cross-country track.

And the secret to our success? The know-how and passion of our employees and athletes. Skiing is an essential part of our lives. It’s in our blood. And every product we make is fueled by this passion for the sport we all love.

Skiing doesn’t just shape how we design and deliver our products; it inspires and defines us. It always has and always will.


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