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TRAILER: Skiing Hawaii // Willy Bogner Film

Shared on Jul 15, 2015 9:15:08 AM

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Watch Chuck Patterson skiing in hawaii for Willy Bogner's film "Visions"! Experience breathtaking views of Scott Patterson riding the waves of Hawaii in full skiing gear, captured by Mike Waltze for Willy Bogner's movie "Visions".
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Bogner - passion for sports and fashion!

The Bogner fashion brand has stuck with this ideal for over 80 years now, creating bright collections in the typical sporty & chic Bogner look again and again. Whether women’s fashion or fashion for men, the German fashion brand with the capital B has become a synonym for top-quality sportswear inspired by fashion.

Being a global market leader in exclusive ski- & sportswear, Bogner is not only outfitting the German Olympic Team, but is also designing women’s fashion & fashion for men, including sportswear, jeans, outerwear, shoes & accessories such as eyewear, belts & bags.

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