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First Ever Skydiving Canopy Stunt - 2013

Shared on Aug 25, 2014 3:40:11 PM


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Project Orange: Thread the Needle First ever high performance canopy fly through of a CRW Frame formation. Filmed during PD's Project Orange event at Skydive City, Zephyrhills, FL from Oct. 16-20 2013 The CRW dawgs, led by Clean Air team members Chris Gay and Brian Pangburn (along with the help of Mike Lewis and the vision of Kirk Vanzandt), were able to accomplish something no one has ever done before. After building a 12-way formation and punching out the center of it, PDFT's Ian Bobo flew his Peregrine through the formation. Behind this CRW formation is over 100 years of experience and over 100,000 skydives. Ian Bobo has over 17,000 jumps alone and 24 years in the sport. After achieving this jump, they kept pushing the limits and flew through a number of times, with other PD Factory Team members Jessica Edgeington, Ian Drennan and Gage Galle flying through on the last day of the event. Filmed during Project Orange at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, FL A Performance Designs Inc. & CRW Specialty Services Inc. Production © 2013 Performance Designs Inc. All Rights Reserved Music: Daft Punk - Get Lucky [COVER] feat. Charles Butler & Beats Antique / by Daft Punk, Charles Butler, Beats Antique Used under Creative Commons License: Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-ND 3.0) PD Factory Team Ian Bobo • Jessica Edgeington • Ian Drennan • Gage Galle
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