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Never give up!

Shared on Jun 15, 2015 4:31:32 PM


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When I saw Austrian Herbert Rosenmeier (38) snowboarding on the slope I was impressed: There are only few snowboarders who have such technical riding skills. I was even more impressed when he told me that he had a crippling stroke only 4 months ago!
Herbert suddenly slumped down while watching TV. He was lying sidewards, his face in his own vomit. With full consciousness, unable to move at all. Only 3 or 4 hours later he could drag himself to bed.
By magnetic resonance imaging the doctors found out that Herberd had a crippling stroke which irrevevocably damaged parts of his brain (the 2 white spots in the scan).

But Herbert did not give up: Only 35 days later he went back on his snowboard!

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