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Giant Whale Shark Bumps Into Diver

Shared on Sep 20, 2014 5:12:14 PM


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Coming face to face with the biggest fish in the ocean moving quickly towards you is quite a frightening experience, as you can see and hear from this video. Chris Coates was holding his breath and filming another diver on a spearfishing adventure film shoot off Ascension Island when the unusual accident happened. Mr Coates, who was focusing on the action in front of him, failed to spot the enormous shark approaching him from behind and by the time he was warned by the other diver there was no time to move. According to the filmer, a fellow spearfisher, Chris took most of the impact on his lower torso and was hit in the head by the shark’s dorsal fin but was not seriously injured and managed to go out diving the next day. Luckily whale sharks are a type of filter feeding shark and do not pose any threat to humans.

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