Spearfishing Movie - One Fish Legends

Added on 28/04/2015

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Onefish Legends:
4 Continents, 4 Legends, their stories and secrets revealed and 2 hours of amazing non stop Spearfishing action. One Fish Legends is a Spearfishing adventure like no other, the film follows 4 Spearfishing giants that have played a significant role in shaping the sport of breath hold Spearfishing as we know it today. Join Dr Terry Maas (USA), Barry Paxman (Australia), Rob Allen (South Africa) and Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari (Qatar). As they take you on a personal journey of discovery into their world of Spearfishing. Find out why they are so passionate about the sport and why they have devoted their lives to shaping spearfishing as we know it today.

To watch 30min's of Legends online now: https://vimeo.com/inthezone/vod_pages

A film by: Richard Leonard

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