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Iceland - False Awakening? Alien Encounter? Lucid Dream?

Shared on May 12, 2015 3:05:43 PM


shaka 4 57,535

Dreaming within a dream? A few fleeting visions, taken from several months living in a car around Iceland.

Wearing a self designed & produced 'Lunasurf all 4mm hooded wetsuit' & riding 'Luna full surfboard deck grip' -lunasurfwetsuits.com
Thank you for watching. Please feel free to share this video link, it was made for that. Much appreciated.

Filmed and edited by Ian Battrick. instagram.com/ianbattrick
Thanks to Snorri Þór Tryggvason & Pétur Kristján Guðmundsson for the aurora and scenic clips from 'Iceland Aurora.'
Available and check them out here
"We are 3 independent filmmakers in Iceland, focusing on capturing the beauty of Aurora Borealis. Our first 30 minute film 'Iceland Aurora' will be released in November 2015! More info at icelandaurorafilms.com "

Sfath in the ice shots by Tim Nunn.
Thanks to Aðalheiður at sadcars.com

Artist: The Church
Track: Under The Milky Way

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