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John John Florence O'Neill the life

Shared on Jul 26, 2017 2:31:15 PM


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Scenes of John John Florence from the surf video O'Neill THE LIFE

Executive Producers: Toby Bost, Steve Ward
Produced by: Garth Tarlow
Co-producer: Brian Meehan
Directed by: Jamie Brisick
Creative Concept & Associate Producer: Micah Pitts
Narration: Brian Van Holt
Edited by: Brian Meehan
Assistant editing: Jeycob Carlson
Directors of Photography: Steve Kennedy, Sonny Miller

Cinematography: Steve kennedy, Tom Pena, Sonny Miller, Graham Nash, Jason Hatch, Neil Gross, Brian Meehan, Mike Pricket, Derick Hoffman, Larry Haynes, Mike Stewart, Bill Ballard, Rob Bruce, Gregor (O'neill Europe)

16mm CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mike Prickett, Sonny Miller, Brian Meehan, Larry Hanes, Rick Jackovich (IAN WALSH WEST OZ), Eric Ipple, Todd Jones.

Motion Graphics, Title Art, Intro Sequence: Jeycob Carlson.

Sound Design: Brian Meehan, Jeycob Carlson, Jeremy Grody.

Audio Sweetening: Jeremy Groody / Sound Logic Post

Music supervisor: Jordan Tappis

Color Grading: Brian Hutchings

Post Production Manager: Shaun Moody

Graphics: Erik Adolph

Mastering: Different by design, Santa Monica

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