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Kanoa Igarashi and Leo Fioravanti - The Young Professionals - Chapter 1

Shared on May 3, 2017 8:22:50 AM

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You’ve seen a grom edit before. It’s a simple concept – get some footage of ‘em surfing and splice it in with clichéd clips of the kid eating ice cream and pantsing his friends. It’s a formula as old as time, but it isn’t what you’ll find here.

In the first episode of The Young Professionals, we look at Leonardo Fioravantiand Kanoa Igarashi in a new light. As a matter of fact, we look at them as just that – young professionals.

These kids are the future of surfing. Might as well get to know who they are, and not in a pretentious sort of way.

So meet Kanoa and Leo. We have a feeling you’ll be getting along just fine.

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