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LANIAKEA - Hawaii by Drone

Shared on Mar 11, 2016 5:02:06 PM


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Laniakea means immeasurable heaven in Hawaiian. It is the name of our local supercluster galaxies, where our own galaxy and planet is located. Documenting the lifestyle of the islands surrounding the beach, ocean, jungle, with a focus on surf. Filmed entirely with quadcopter drones in the Hawaiian islands by Karim Iliya.


Aerial Cinematography 
by Karim Iliya


Edited by Amanda Beenen


: Big Wild - After Gold


Kimberly Gentile
Marina Daian 

Perri Kaminoff

Nicole Haglund 

Miranda Schweiner

Ashley Baxter

Kevin Jorgeson

Guillermo Marun

Alexa Deike

Braiden Maither

Mark Healey

Additional collaborators
Keith Ladzinski (3 string productions)

Robyn Penn (Maui Maka)

Jon Spenser


Filmed with a DJI phantom 3 and DJI inspire 1 drone.

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