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Cliff Jumping in Vermont with Mike Wilson

Shared on Aug 14, 2015 7:32:41 AM

shaka 3 130

Mike Wilson & company slaying Vermont & New Hampshire's finest cliffs & bridges! This 4th of July weekend was a weekend i don't think any of us will ever forget!

For the purpose of preserving these precious locations for the true adventurers and cliff jumpers who will actually treat them with the respect and care they deserve, we will not be posting directions or giving out locations to anywhere in this video. We're sorry, but there are too many beautiful hidden gems that get over crowded, trashed, spray painted and inevitably shut down and we don't want any of these places falling into that category. It's nothing against anybody in particular, it's just our policy. We kindly ask that you follow this policy as well if you happen to know where any of these locations are and any comments hinting towards the whereabouts of these quarries will be promptly deleted. If you DO manage to find these places... be safe, keep the cliffs clean and huck em hard!

Joey Szela - @themainidea
Darin - @billdingblocks
Mike Berritta - @clifflifemedia

Mike Wilson - @2feelalive
Zach Steele - @lilzachel
Ryan Hodgdon - @ryan_hodgdon34
Mike Berritta - @clifflifemedia
Jack Tattersall - @jacktattersall
Nick Coulter - @nick_coulter11
Dan Mini - @danminstagram
Tim Lange (Skateboard Jump) - @quantum_fluxuations

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